There are two experiences that happen to each and every person. It does not matter your society, wealth, ethnicity, sex, religion, or politics. Everyone is born and everyone dies. Birth is a matter of record we do not remember. Death, however, is something that is always marching toward us. It is inescapable. The fact stares us in the face: everyone dies.
     In this story, we travel along with Harold as he addresses the same questions, fears and concerns that we all have. We then actually go with him through death and into what lies ahead--an exciting and enlightening experience.

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     Roy Rummler has degrees from three different universities, and is an experienced educator and business consultant. He is known for assisting individuals and organizations solve problems and become more effective.
     Harold's Trip Through Death, was written in response to the continual concerns, discussions, and questions regarding death heard by Dr. Rummler.
     Roy Rummler is also the author of The Wrong Bottom Line and How to Change It (www.appliedfocus.com), and the arranger and composer of over a hundred musical compositions and arrangeements for choir and orchestra. (www.copypackmusic.com)

The Wrong Bottom Line and How to Change It

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